Flugelhorn Concerto selected for 2018 National Competition

I am very chuffed to announce that the 3rd movement from my Flugelhorn Concerto has been selected as the work for open solo at the 2018 Australian National Band Championship, which will be held in Melbourne.


For anyone who is planning to play this work please note the following amendments that should be noted at the beginning of your first edition:

  • Style markings throughout the work are specific to each instrument part e.g Mvt 1, bar 1 the piano plays ‘boldly’ while the flugelhorn plays ‘mysteriously’.
  • Mvt 1: The flugelhorn part is written for a B flat flugelhorn. Disregard any differing key information in the piano part.
  • Mvt 2: The repeat from bar 11-20 is not indicated in the piano part, and is optional.



 Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 2.04.36 pm

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