Recording with ABC Classic FM

As one of the recipients of the 2022 ABC Classic and ABC Jazz Composer Commissioning Fund, Louisa was recently joined by Sydney Braunfeld (SYD), Fletcher Cox (SYD), Amanda Tillett (ADL), and Karina Filipi (MEL) at Iwaki Auditorium Melbourne to record her latest work for brass quintet: Suite Water

L-R: LT, SB, KF, AT, FC at Iwaki Auditorium, Southbank

ABOUT THE WORK: “As a country-dweller I am very drawn to nature, often inspired by it in my compositions. Having gone through flooding in my hometown of Castlemaine in 2022, this is the catalyst for writing a suite about Australia’s relationship to water. Each movement focusses on a different aspect of human interaction with water”:

Mvt 1: Winter to Spring (light, gentle, blossoming, rich): as the weather warms, the days get longer, and the snow and ice melt

Mvt 2: The Res (whimsical, fun): swimming, blowing up lilos, relaxing

Mvt 3: Farm in Drought (stressed, thirsty): struggle, still waiting for the skies to open

Mvt 4: The City Floods (cynical, strict, changing metre): poor engineering and political choices lead to devastation

Mvt 5: We Shall Drink (warm, hymn-like, beautiful): a song of gratitude to the drinking water