Louisa Trewartha

Musician | Composer | Teacher


Composition | Orchestration | Arranging | Transcription

Working with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra during the Australian Composers School, October 2017. Photo: Alastair Bett



  • Silver Lake, commissioned by the Mid America Freedom Band (concert band), August 2017
  • Freewheel | Cassettefor four strings and four screens, May 2017
  • Thin Boundaries, for chamber ensemble, May 2017
  • Memories for a Stranger, Trio for soprano, horn, and piano, Jan 2016
  • You Stood and Watched Me Trembling, for Brass Band, Sep 2015
  • Bass Tuba Concerto, for brass band, Nov 2015
  • Flugelhorn Concerto (chamber orchestra), Feb 2015                    BUY HERE: Flugelhorn concerto
  • Flugelhorn Concerto (piano), 2014
  • Glamfare, for brass quintet and kit, 2014
  • Rhapsody for Brass Quintet, 2012  (Video at 4:30)
  • Heuristic Brassing, for Brass Band, 2012
  • Trumpet Concerto, for Chamber Orchestra 2010
  • Pa’s Memories, for Brass Quintet, 2007


Compositions from Masters Program:


Recording session for ‘Evolution’ with the Bulgarian National Radio Orchestra






I formed the group Crookshank in December 2013. With a focus on brass, the group performs a mix of rock/pop/jazz with a collection of catchy covers and original works. The band released their Debut EP in October 2014 at Testing Grounds, Southbank, Melbourne.

 EP’s are available to buy from this website for $10 AUD + postage